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Name:Calvin Gaultier
A zoology major at Miami University, Calvin Gaultier met the woman of his dreams in his sophomore year, when fellow-sophomore Sarah Humphries transferred to the school from Texas A&M. Within a month of meeting her, he'd drawn her to him, the way he always drew lovely girls to him, and ensnared her. But he didn't manage to completely captivate her; over their summers, she decided to take a different internship from his, despite his attempts to persuade her to do otherwise. She went to the Carlsbad Caverns to study bats under Merlin Tuttle; he headed for the Yukon to study wolf packs.

And his entire life changed.

Before the first month of the internship was done, he had been transformed, turned into a werewolf. He had his first hunt, and made his first kill, taking his first human life, mere days later. Humans are mere sheep to him now... all save one.


For whatever reason, when he returned to Miami University this fall, she shrank from him, like one of those little sheep. But he has to have her. He won't accept any answer but yes. She's fled from him for months now, hiding among the sheep, not letting him near her. But he finally hit on the perfect solution. Or so he thought.

The only thing is, it hasn't worked out the way he wished it to, not yet...

And there's nothing Calvin Gaultier hates more than when things don't go according to his plans.

((This is a fictional character for online journal roleplaying. Calvin Gaultier is a fictional character who is not intended to represent any real individual, living or dead. This journal is for RP purposes only.))

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